Corporate Investigations

We Investigate Theft, Embezzlement, Competitors, And More

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We offer well trained investigators with diverse expertise to meet the specific requirements of each assignment. Our investigators are supported by systems which allow them to conduct research using over 400 different database resources.

Gradoni & Associates have been called upon by corporate clients to:

  • Compile competitor intelligence.
  • Identify & prevent leaks of proprietary information.
  • Secure computer / hard drive data.
  • Performance background checks for new hires.
  • Sweep for electronic listening devices
  • Protect corporate assets.
  • Protect corporate officers.
  • Investigate internal theft.
  • Investigate fraudulent workmen compensation claims.
  • Trademark Infringement / Counterfeit Merchandise

Investigation Results

Our firm is hired frequently to assist businesses in investigating theft of materials, proprietary information, and monies by employees. During the course of these investigations we utilize all evidence of the wrong-doing provided by the business owners and then conduct interviews with employees who are considered suspects in the thefts.

Interviewing Potential Witnesses; Employees

Prior to interviewing the employees Polly Korzekwa, our Research Analyst, conducts background investigations, regarding each employee, that are focused on their financial status and criminal history. We normally do find that a number of the employees/suspects have criminal history, not known to their employers. Polly also finds evidence of Civil Lawsuits, Liens, Judgments and Bankruptcies involving the suspects/employees which may contribute to their motives to steal.

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Corporate Investigation Results

Below are entries from our Investigator’s Newsletter which highlight a number of our commercial theft investigation successes.

Client References

Listed below are a number of businesses and commercial interests that have employed Gradoni & Associates for investigative services.

  • New Process Steel
  • McGinnis Cadillac
  • Overnite Transportation
  • Ryland Homes
  • Weyerhauser
  • Mariner Energy
  • New Quest Properties
  • Cima Energy
  • Wilco
  • Smith Custom Home Builders
  • CBS
  • Wyman Gordon
  • Jacobs Engineering
  • Spir Star
  • Texas Iron & Metal
  • Gullo Toyota