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Since 1989 We've Worked With A Number of Houston Defense Attorneys

Did the officers perform a complete investigation following the crime to its most logical conclusion?

Did the officers take shortcuts and present a biased case to the District Attorney to be prosecuted?

Houston Criminal Defense & Case Detectives Since 1989

At Gradoni & Associates we examine all of the evidence compiled by the involved law enforcement agencies and then conduct a full investigation of our own, that will be pursued to the case’s most logical conclusion. We’ve been instrumental in the conclusion of a number of high-profile criminal case investigations in Houston, and our clients consistently turn to us for the investigatory services they need to fight the State of Texas on behalf of their clients.

Full, Complete, and Detailed Investigation Reports

Our clients are provided a thorough report to support the best possible defense of their client. Our investigation will find any witnesses overlooked by law enforcement and identify all inconsistencies in the state’s case. Our experienced investigators will leave “no stone unturned” in the defense of our client.

Additional Services for Criminal Investigations

  • Witness Background – Looking at both the civilian witness and the law enforcement officer.
  • Jury Works Ups – Know your jury. How do they profile?
  • Pre-sentence Investigations – Documentation to help the Client get probation, if convicted.
  • Search Warrant Analysis
  • Fingerprint Examination
  • Expert Witness Referrals for Forensics, Toxicology
  • Appointed Cases
  • Computer Forensics

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Results of Our Criminal Investigations

We have too many successes at the felony level to document individual cases on this page. The majority of our successful criminal law related investigations are detailed in our newsletters. A few of the entries are listed below.

The Case of the Snitch Killing

Attorneys Jerald Graber and Bob Loper represented an individual charged with three other individuals with Capital Murder. The victim had given information to the police regarding one of the co-defendants, who went over to the victim’s house and after knocking on the...

Investigation Nets Murder Case Dismissal

Attorney Skip Cornelius represented an individual who was charged with a gang related murder that occurred in the parking lot of a night club. In addition to Skip’s client another individual was also charged. The charges on Skip’s client were the result of one “eye...

The Case of the Victimized Criminal

Attorney Douglas Bradley Loper represented a client charged with the aggravated robbery of a dope dealer. The defendant’s aunt requested that Investigators investigate the complainant, a student at Southwest Texas College in San Marcos, in order to establish the fact...

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