Attorney Joe Salinas represented a Defendant who was taken out of vehicle at a motel and told by Houston Police Department officers that he had an Outstanding Warrant.

When the officers arrived in downtown Houston with the Defendant they found that the Warrant was no longer active and then informed the Defendant that they were charging him with Possession of a Controlled Substance because they had found drugs in the car he was driving and had observed him handling the drugs.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate the Police

Investigator Carey Wellmaker obtained copies of the MDT Transmissions and Call Logs and was able to prove that a second unit who had come by the location had actually found the drugs in the car after the Defendant had been taken to the Police Station. When this information was presented to the District Attorney, he dismissed all charges.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Possession of a Controlled Substance Dismissed

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Convenient Criminal Charges By HPD Rejected