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Fighting Insurance Fraud Starts With Surveillance

Insurance fraud can be financially cancerous for the insurer. Gradoni & Associates conducts professional and discrete video surveillance for insurance companies, insurance defense law firms and self-insured businesses who believe themselves to be victims of insurance fraud. Our investigators will uncover the truth about claimants believed to be exaggerating their injuries or their grounds for an insurance claim, and will provide our clients with a full comprehensive report of the uncovered information.

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Understanding Insurance Fraud

Common Forms of Insurance Fraud

The most common forms of insurance fraud involve automobiles. They’re either the subject of a fraudulent theft, or a fraudulent accident. One of the most notable cases of auto insurance fraud in Houston involved a 2 million dollar insurance policy & a million dollar Bugatti.

Read more on the Bugatti story at the Houston Chronicle or read our blog posting about our involvement in the investigation.

According to the FBI’s statistics, insurance fraud accounts for over 40 billion dollars in losses annually.

With insurance fraud on the rise in the United States, that number is expected to rise.

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Most Common Forms of Insurance Fraud

  • Stolen Automobile (Auto Theft) – Includes body shop involvement and/or international sales)
  • Auto Accidents – Sometimes, even the witnesses & insurance investigators/adjusters of the accident are in on the scam.
  • Auto Damage – Cashing the insurance check and not getting the car fixed is fraud.
  • Health Insurance Billing – See Unnecessary Medical Procedures
  • Unnecessary Medical Procedures – This is how doctors and medical establishments commit their best frauds.
  • Planned/Staged House Fires – This form of staged vandalism is main mechanism for carrying out homeowners insurance fraud.
  • Renter’s Insurance – There have been cases where the renter sold their possessions, prior to moving, only to claim theft and attempt to defraud their insurer.
  • Storm Claims Fraud – This type of fraud is when a homeowner helps the weather to damage their home, or acts to compliment damage done to the property by weather events. The ultimate goal; getting a larger payout from the insurer.
  • Faked Death – We’ve seen it before. A criminal takes out a life insurance on himself and names his spouse or another trusted party as the beneficiary.

surveillance-houstonDuring our numerous insurance fraud investigations we’ve captured, on video, claimants performing duties they claimed to be unable to perform as a result of their injuries. We’ve assisted insurance companies in Houston in the investigation of individuals, attorneys, doctors and medical clinics believed to be involved in the organized submission of fraudulent claims.

Our services include, but are not limited to surveillance agents with camera equipment, which enables them to obtain clear identifiable video from a distance to prevent detection, and undercover cameras to film claimants inside buildings.

Our professionally trained field investigators conduct background investigations on claimants aimed at identifying previous claims and credibility issues. Our staff is considered “the best” at locating and taking statements from witnesses. All of our investigators have experience providing useful testimony in court.

Insurance Fraud Investigation Results

The Bugatti Case

The highly publicized Bugatti case is now over. You may remember, a few years ago an individual was driving down I-45 southbound, to Galveston, in a $1 million Bugatti when the vehicle suddenly swerved from the roadway and ran into the water. Although the vehicle had...

The Active Catatonic

Attorney Lynne M. Shannon of Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith was defending a company against a Plaintiff who claimed that as a result of his injury, he was catatonic. He could no longer operate a computer, count to 10, enjoy TV, etc. The Plaintiff’s quality...

Insurance Claims Investigation Leads to a Walmart

State Farm Insurance asked us to surveil a claimant who had moved to Wharton County from Louisiana and was possibly working at a Walmart store. Gradoni Investigates for the Insurer We determined that the address for the claimant was not a good address. Our detective...

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