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Premarital & Domestic Background Checks

Premarital & Post-marital Background Investigations

Premarital background checks aren’t a bad idea if you or a loved one are considering a tying of the knot. During the nearly 30 year history of Gradoni & Associates we’ve been asked to conduct background checks and surveillances for numerous reasons. Some of the main reasons; investigations related to one of the partners in a domestic relationship, and investigations related to divorce.

Divorce Related Domestic Investigations

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During the course of a divorce litigation, when a new boyfriend/girlfriend shows up, there are a number of questions to be answered. Some of which we’ve listed below.Did you get a premarital investigation?

  • Are they married?
  • Is it safe for the children to be around them?
  • Do they have drug/alcohol issues?
  • Are they violent?
  • Have they been arrested?
  • Are they a sex offender?

Our research staff also conducts complete covert profiles on any individuals we’re asked to look into. To get a general idea of the type of information we can uncover see the list below.

  • Criminal History
  • Marriages/Divorces
  • Civil Litigations
  • Residence History
  • Police Calls for Service
  • Employment History
  • Identification of former employers, ex-wives, girl friends and associates

Interviews regarding knowledge of character traits, associations, financial standing, criminal or social involvements can also be conducted. The interviews are conducted by members of our diverse staff with years of experience developing information by conducting phone and in-person interviews with people who possess important background information about the subject being investigated.

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Need Your Questions Answered?

Information is power. The power to make the right decision, or the avoid bad ones. Gradoni & Associates has extensive experience with investigations of all kind, and will empower you with the information you seek. Whether you’re looking into a person for premarital reasons, think your spouse is cheating, or if you’re looking into the stepparents of your child(ren), we can help. If the information exists, we’ll find it. To talk with an experienced Texas private eye call us at 281-440-0800.

Houston Domestic & Premarital Investigations