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Since 1989 We’ve Worked With Numerous Houston Defense Attorneys

Did the officers perform a complete investigation following the crime to its most logical conclusion?

Did the officers take shortcuts and present a biased case to the District Attorney to be prosecuted?

Houston Criminal Defense & Case Detectives Since 1989

At Gradoni & Associates we examine all of the evidence compiled by the involved law enforcement agencies and then conduct a full investigation of our own, that will be pursued to the case’s most logical conclusion. We’ve been instrumental in the conclusion of a number of high-profile criminal case investigations in Houston, and our clients consistently turn to us for the investigatory services they need to fight the State of Texas on behalf of their clients.

Full, Complete, and Detailed Investigation Reports

Our clients are provided a thorough report to support the best possible defense of their client. Our investigation will find any witnesses overlooked by law enforcement and identify all inconsistencies in the state’s case. Our experienced investigators will leave “no stone unturned” in the defense of our client.

Additional Services for Criminal Investigations

  • Witness Background – Looking at both the civilian witness and the law enforcement officer.
  • Jury Works Ups – Know your jury. How do they profile?
  • Pre-sentence Investigations – Documentation to help the Client get probation, if convicted.
  • Search Warrant Analysis
  • Fingerprint Examination
  • Expert Witness Referrals for Forensics, Toxicology
  • Appointed Cases
  • Computer Forensics

Looking for a “licensed” private investigator in Houston? Contact Gradoni & Associates at 281-440-0800 to schedule a free consultation regarding how we can work together as a team.

Criminal Investigation Results

We have too many successes at the felony criminal inquiry level to document individual cases on this page. The majority of our successful criminal law related investigations are detailed in our newsletters.

A few of the entries from our newsletter which are related to criminal defense investigations are listed below. Also, you can click here to review all of our newsletter entries related to criminal justice and criminal defense investigations we took part in. If you have any questions about how Gradoni & Associates can help you with an investigation into a criminal matter, call us at 281-440-0800.

  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Foot & The Fire Dept. Captain
    Attorney Jack B. Carroll represented a fire department captain who was traveling down a busy street in Spring when he came upon 3 students standing in the moving lane of traffic blocking the roadway. The fire captain stopped his vehicle asking the students to get out of the way. One of the students was defiant
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe “Inappropriate Acupuncturist Touching” Case
    Attorney Randy Schaffer represented an acupuncturist whose client complained to the police that he touched her inappropriately. Randy had already done some internet research and learned that the “victim” needed money to help fund a child adoption. Gradoni & Associates Investigate We were informed that the acupuncturist worked in a small
  • Gun Bullets GavelCapital Murder Charge Dismissed in Cell Phone Scheme
    Attorney Katherine Scardino represented one of two brothers charged with Capital Murder in Montgomery County, along with two other co-defendants. The State of Texas alleged that the two brothers set the complainant up to purchase a phone and during the meeting at a public park he was shot to death during the robbery attempt. The
  • Murder InvestigationRobbery & Murder Charges Dismissed
    Attorney Skip Cornelius represented a defendant charged with the robbery murder of an individual near an apartment complex in Southwest Houston. The State’s case was based on two witness statements. The first statement came from the defendant’s girlfriend, who advised that he had informed her that he had committed a robbery in that area at
  • Locating a WitnessWitness Located for Criminal Appeal
    Our firm was contacted by Palen Law, in Wyoming, who was trying to locate an attorney who had represented their client a number of years before. The information was necessary so the Palen Law Firm could make contact with this attorney regarding his original defense in order to assist them in filing an appeal. The
  • Domestic Violence Choking Stangulation Impeding BreathingThe Strangulation Investigation
    Colin Amann represented a young man who had been charged by his live-in girlfriend with choking her one night at her residence. The defendant denied committing the assault, but did admit to breaking the girlfriend’s car window during the altercation that occurred. Gradoni & Associates Investigates Our background investigation on our
  • Kidnapping Sexual AssaultOld Investigation Spurs Conviction in New Case
    Three years ago we were hired by the father of a juvenile girl who was sexually assaulted by an adult. We conducted a number of interviews that could have been utilized to file charges against the attacker. At that point in time the family decided not to pursue charges in order to save their daughter
  • Shooter30 Year Old Murder Case Investigation
    In 1985 there was an altercation at a night club at closing time which resulted in the shooting death of an individual involved in an altercation in the parking lot. One of the off-duty officers fought with the shooter before he managed to get into a vehicle and drive from the scene. The officers identified
  • Chinese Restaurant HoustonThe Attack on the Chinese Restaurant
    Brad Loper represented an individual who had entered a Chinese restaurant, screaming and yelling at patrons and waitresses with a knife. The defendant was arrested a short time later, after he left the restaurant. The State alleged that he had placed members of the staff in fear of their lives by his actions and therefore
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Weedman Murder Investigation
    Attorneys Brett Podolsky and Matt Sharp represented a defendant charged with the shooting death of an individual the defendant had been purchasing marijuana from. There were a number of witnesses who observed the shooter enter and exit the apartment, providing descriptions to the police. The one individual, inside the apartment, who witnessed the

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Listed below are a number of law firms and attorneys who have hired Gradoni & Associates for investigation & surveillance related services as it relates to criminal defense, criminal investigations, and other matters related to independent investigations for the benefit of the justice system and persons accused of criminal activity.

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