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Houston Divorce, Infidelity, & Cheating Investigators

Need legally admissible evidence of a cheating spouse? We can help.

Do you suspect your spouse of cheating?

Cheating & infidelity can put a strain on a relationship and all the family members that may be affected by the unintended consequences of such. There are times, in some relationships, that one of the partners may suspect their spouse as being unfaithful. When this occurs it can make life very uncomfortable, and call in to question what one may believe to be their life.Gradoni & Associates - Private Eyes

As a private investigator in Houston since 1989, Gradoni & Associates has a record of success uncovering the only thing that matters; the truth. Hiring a private investigator for investigations related to cheating and infidelity is a serious decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

When you hire Gradoni & Associates we’ll walk you through our process, answer any questions you may have, and provide court-ready documentation at the conclusion of our investigation. To contact our team, or to speak with our founder J.J. Gradoni directly, call our main office in North Houston directly at 281-440-0800.

Suspect Cheating?

Contact a Private Investigator with Gradoni & Associates.

We’re The Experts in Matrimonial & Infidelity Surveillance

Gradoni & Associates is among Houston’s leaders for private investigation services related to matrimonial surveillance, tailing cheaters, and verifying the validity of suspicions, or putting them to rest. Prior to hiring Gradoni & Associates, or any other private investigator in Houston, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself, which we’ve listed below.

  • Why are you suspicious of the infidelity of your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend?
  • Do you have a specific person in mind that you suspect them of cheating on you with?
  • Have you seen any clear signs of infidelity?

Document Your Investigation

Before retaining the services of any Houston private detective agency for any investigation related to cheating or matrimonial infidelity, it’s important to make sure you’ve done the preliminary homework on your case. Listed below is some of the information you should have handy when contacting Gradoni & Associates.

  • Obtain as much information as you can about the habits of your significant other.
  • Ensure that your data is organized, listing any doubts, concerns, and ideas about the case.
  • List reasons why you think your spouse/loved-one is cheating.

Documentation Eases Investigation Efforts

When gathering and “documenting” the data, keep in mind that it will need to be arranged in way that, either you can easily communicate it to our private investigation team, or that we can easily comprehend it if we’re reviewing it without the benefit of your direct oversight.

Whether you’re investigating a spouse, fiancée, ex-husband/wife, fiancé, lover, date, partner, mistress, girlfriend or boyfriend, having your preliminary data gathering completed helps our investigation efforts. Not only does it help the investigator assigned to your case to focus effectively, you’ll also get the best cost/benefit of our service since our time will be efficiently utilized.

Recognize the Signs of Infidelity

Unfaithful partners’ actions frequently send clues to their partners that raise the level of suspicion. If you’re suspicious of your spouse, there are a number of tell tell signs that may warrant your suspicions. Some of which we’ve listed below.

  • They become angry, critical, or even rude towards the faithful party.infidelity - Signs of a Cheating Spouse
  • They go missing in action for short periods of time.
  • They delay in returning calls or feel a need to protect their cell phone and cell phone records.
  • All of a sudden your spouse/partner may become more private and need “more space”.
  • They often check their cell phone when it rings to see who is calling, but don’t answer.
  • They are spending less time with their partner than before.
  • They become upset or evasive when asked to account for their time.
  • Additional work hours and/or and increased frequency of business related trips.
  • Sexual intimacy has decreased and/or they have become emotionally distant.
  • They become obsessed about their physical appearance.

Special Note: Your spouse could be exhibiting all these signs and not cheating, or they could be exhibiting no signs and be the biggest cheater ever. Only the truth can tell.

Houston Cheating & Infidelity Investigators

Gradoni & Associates has a long history of success in adultery, cheating & infidelity, divorce and child custody investigations. Our services include surveillance, GPS vehicle tracking, license plate identification, telephone number identification, criminal record checks, cell phone analysis, in addition to text, email and computer forensics.Cheating Partner with fingers-crossed

Our main objective in any investigation is to obtain actionable information that can be used to make important decisions. We provide professional surveillance services with high quality media that’s complete with detailed investigatory reports.

If the clues are there, we will help you find out if they have merit. Contact Gradoni & Associates at 281-440-0800 if you have questions, or to schedule an appointment with an experienced private eye.

Houston Cheating & Infidelity Detectives

Review a Few of our Infidelity & Cheating Investigations

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  • Private Investigators of TexasWife Beater Served From Missouri
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  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Lunchtime Hidden Camera Investigation
    Infidelity at its Worse Laura Deal represented a client who believed her husband was having an affair with a married lady whose child went to school with hers and also worked with her husband. Laura’s client believed that her husband was actually bringing the girlfriend over to their house in the early morning hours after
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Noble Alcoholic
    Attorney Ellen A Yarrell represented a client involved in a custody litigation with her child’s father. The father was an alcoholic who it was believed would travel to various construction jobs he supervised during the day drinking beer. We took on the case! During a week’s worth of surveillance 3 years ago Will Hodge caught
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe “Moving in with my Boss” Inquiry
    Midlife Crisis Two concerned parents found our firm as a result of searching for private investigators on the web and asked that we help them out involving a situation involving their daughter who had been married a number of years and had 3 children with her husband. Out of the blue the husband told his
  • Private Investigators of TexasBusted from New York; Infidelity & Cheating
    A concerned wife in New York found our company through the internet after searching for private investigators in Houston and landed on our website. Her husband was traveling to the Houston area to visit his mother in a nursing home but she suspected he might be visiting someone else during his stay. The client was
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Boyfriend’s Parents Child Abduction Case
    Hal Smith, an attorney in Wichita Falls who had used our services in the past, contacted us recently about a child abduction. Hal’s clients were the biological grandparents of the child in question who had legal custody. The biological mother and her new boyfriend fled the area with the child and were believed headed to
  • Dog with weedButch Uncovered!
    I would like to introduce you to Butch. One of our clients who we had previously helped in a child custody case wanted us to do a background investigation on his ex-wife’s new boyfriend who would be around his children. God bless Facebook! The new boyfriend posted Butch his pit bull on Facebook holding his
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    Long Reach from New Jersey We were contacted by a lady in New Jersey who had identified our firm as a result of an internet search. The female had been looking at her husband’s phone and found that there was a number of calls to a particular female living in the Sugar Land area. Our
  • Jelous Woman Stalking A CoupleThe Real Estate Stalker Investigation
    Our firm was hired by a Real Estate Agent who was being stalked by a female who was the former girlfriend of the real estate agent’s current boyfriend. Our client’s efforts to get police involved were not successful. Gradoni & Associates Gets Involved Investigators presented the stalker with a cease and desist letter telling her