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Ft. Bend County Judicial Resources

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About Fort Bend County, TX

Ft. Bend County, TX is located in the southwestern region of the Houston metropolitan area and has a booming population approaching 700,000 Texans. The largest cities in Ft. Bend County are Sugar Land, Stafford, Katy, Missouri City, Rosenburg, Richmond, Meadows Place, and Fulshear.

Gradoni & Associates has conducted numerous investigations and surveillances for private citizens and businesses in Fort Bend County. If you’re looking for a licensed private investigator for personal, business, or judicial use, contact us at 281-440-0800. Our team of investigators are among the best trained in Texas, and look forward to hearing from you.

Map of Fort Bend County, TX

Licensed Private Investigation Agency Serving Ft. Bend County

Serving Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, & Greater Houston

  • Katy
  • Missouri City
  • Pearland (Mostly in Brazoria County)
  • Stafford
  • Arcola
  • Cinco Ranch
  • Beasley
  • Sugar Land
  • Richmond
  • Rosenberg
  • Weston Lakes
  • Meadows Place
  • Simonton
  • Orchard
  • Clodine
  • Cumings
  • Fresno
  • Mission Bend

Gradoni & Associates is a full service, licensed private investigation firm that has served Fort Bend County and the Greater Houston area for over 30 years. Our team of private detectives has a reputation for providing the highest quality investigatory services possible at an affordable price.

Regardless of your reason for needing a private investigator, Gradoni & Associates is ready to assist you and provide a court-ready investigatory report that will be admissible in court. Our investigators will testify in court and/or travel if needed, and employ the latest in surveillance technology to ensure that we capture a record of the evidence, if needed. If you need to discuss a matter with a professional, experienced licensed P.I., contact J.J. Gradoni by calling 281-440-0800.

Fort Bend County Judicial Resources

Criminal & Civil Courts

County Court at Law 1
Judge Christopher G. Morales
Phone: 281-633-7415
Fax: 281-633-7414

County Court at Law 2
Judge Jeffrey A. McMeans
Phone: 281-341-4446
Fax: 281-341-4456

County Court at Law 3
Judge Juli Mathew
Phone: 281-341-4429

County Court at Law 4
Judge Toni Wallace
Phone: 281-238-1995

County Court at Law 5
Judge Teana Watson
Phone: 281-238-3270
Fax: 281-238-3275

240th District Court
Judge Chad Bridges
Phone: 281-341-8600

268th District Court
Judge Brady G. Elliot
Phone: 281-341-8610

328th District Court
Judge Ronald R. Pope
Phone: 281-341-4406

387th District Court
Judge Brenda G. Mullinix
Phone: 281-238-3290

400th District Court
Judge Maggie Perez-Jaramillo
Phone: 281-341-4422

434th District Court
Judge James H. Shoemake
Phone: 281-633-7653

505th District Court
Judge David S. Perwin
Phone: 281-238-3244

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Houston, TX 77068
Toll Free: 800-803-9186
Local: 281-440-0800 • Fax: 281-440-0208


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