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Get To Know The Staff of Gradoni & Associates

Our Case Managers

Our diverse team of Case Managers can facilitate a successful investigation for any client matter to a final conclusion. Learn more about our case managers by perusing the tabs below.

J.J. Gradoni

Chief Investigator

Keith Kucifer

Senior Investigator

Polly Korzekwa

Senior Analyst

Our Team of Investigators

The team of professionals who make up the heart and soul of Gradoni & Associates’ investigation team are professionals with diverse backgrounds that can handle any investigatory assignment. Learn more about our team of detectives by reviewing their brief bios.

Steve Law

Licensed Private Eye

Will Hodge

Licensed Private Eye

Daniel Fleming

Licensed Private Eye

Cortez Richardson

Licensed Private Eye

Rudy Olivo

Field Investigator

Tabitha Haywood

Field Investigator

Our Team of Expert Consultants

Both Cindy Klein and Wayne Kessler have retired from actively working Cases on a daily basis with Gradoni & Associates, but do Consult on  major cases, provide expert opinions, and interview high profile targets related to our Case Investigations.

Cindy Klein

Cindy Klein is a graduate of California State University with a Major in Criminal Justice. Cindy was a Special Agent with the FBI working ten years in the Houston Field Office. During her tenure in Houston, Cindy gained extensive experience in Bank Robbery, Kidnapping, Civil Rights and Domestic Terrorism Investigations.

Cindy has extensive training in Advance Profiling, Domestic and International Terrorism, Sexual Abuse of Children, and Interviewing and Interrogation techniques. Cindy has the ability to obtain information from the most reluctant witnesses. Cindy has great people skills and the ability to document her interviews in a very thorough manner.

Cindy was the case manager for our capital murder cases. In this role, Cindy has the responsibility of interviewing the Defendant in order to learn his version of events, the relationship with the other individuals involved and to develop background information that may be useful for mitigation purposes. She would the write an analysis and overview of the Offense Report for the client, identifies the investigative tasks and assigns those tasks to the appropriate Investigator.

Cindy was responsible for the entire investigation and assisting the attorney prepare for trial. Since Cindy’s promotion to this role in 2011, she has experienced one acquittal and one guilty to a lesser offense of Aggravated Robbery on two Capital cases, an accomplishment that does not happen very often.

Cindy was also in charge of our mitigation division, which obtains information for criminal defense attorneys seeking to save their clients from the death penalty or clients wanting to obtain medical history, school records and other documentation that would assist in favorable plea bargain arrangements with Defendants charged with lesser offenses. In order to accomplish this job, one needs to have the ability to identify, locate and obtain volumes of records, which are then placed into a very detailed life story, depicting history and events that may have been responsible for placing the Defendant in the situation causing the incident.