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Gradoni & Associates conducts professional and discrete video surveillance for all areas of investigative matters including criminal matters, cheating & infidelity, corporate & business concerns and more. If you’re in the Houston, TX area, or have interests in our region and have a need for a professional surveillance team, contact Gradoni & Associates at 281-440-0800.

Surveillance Services

\"surveillance-houston\"Over the past several years we’ve conducted surveillance services for cases set for family court, civil domestic matters, criminal cases on State’s witnesses, corporate investigations, insurance and workers compensation fraud.

Not only does video & photographic evidence tell no lies, but it also provides the necessary documentation to validate your position when needed.

Video Surveillance

Our services include, but are not limited to: surveillance agents with camera equipment which enables them to obtain clear identifiable video from a distance to prevent detection, and undercover covert cameras to film inside buildings. All video evidence obtained by Gradoni & Associates will be admissible in court settings. All of our Investigators have experience in providing testimony to courtrooms when needed.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

When allowed by the law, Gradoni & Associates will implement GPS tracking devices to give us an edge in our surveillance operations. When deployed, we’re able to secretively keep an eye on the vehicle being tracked, leading to an effective use of time for our, and our client’s bottom line.

Surveillance from a Distance

To remain undetected by the subject of the investigation is paramount. If the situation calls for it, our professional team(s) of investigators possess the skill, knowledge, and the equipment to remain stealth during stakeout and investigation scenarios. If needed, we can capture high quality visual recordings & photographs from hundreds of feet away.

Workplace Theft & Embezzlement Schemes

On a number of occasions our services have been retained by corporations hoping to capture video evidence of theft, internally and externally.

One of the more interesting cases we handled was The Medicaid Fraud Defense Investigation in which a Houston, TX area doctor was charged with multiple counts of medicaid fraud. In that particular case we were defending the accused, but in other cases, like the Homemade Engine Fabricator, we helped a local Houston area industrial client recover nearly half a million dollars worth of stolen intellectual properties.

Looking for the truth? Contact Gradoni & Associates at 281-440-0800.

Client References

  • Zimmerman, Axelrad, Meyer, Stern
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Legge Farrow, Kimmitt & McGrath
  • Zurich Insurance
  • Hayes, McConn, Rice & Pickering
  • Allstate Insurance
  • Progressive Insurance
  • Cozen & O’Connor
  • Roadway Express
  • San Jacinto Methodist Hospital
  • Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith
  • Cokinos, Boisen & Young

Get To Know Our Surveillance Technicians

George Mendoza

George is a 27 year law enforcement veteran from California. During his career George was assigned to a Federal multi-jurisdictional task force with narcotics, gangs and proactive high crime area work throughout the United States and Canada, spending his last 15 years as a member of the task force.

George has taught numerous courses on surveillance and counter surveillance techniques. George has a great deal of experience surveilling subjects who were targets in police investigations without detection. Good surveillance agents possess an inner sense that allows them to blend into their surroundings in order to capture results on film. George has proven to our clients with his consistent results, that he is one of those individuals.

Paul Wisdom

Paul joined our investigative team in May of 2012. Paul Wisdom has a BA in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at Arlington with Magna Cum Laude Honors. Paul worked for the Dallas Police Department from 1992 to 2009 as a Patrolman, Supervisor and Watch Commander. Paul retired as a Lieutenant with a TCLEOSE Master Police Officer Certification.

Since Paul’s relocation to the Houston area, he has worked in the Private Investigative field for two different companies before coming aboard on our team. Paul has proven to be a valuable asset to our surveillance team handling a number of difficult assignments without ever being compromised.

Keith Kucifer

Keith worked in law enforcement  for the Texas Department of Public Safety for 26 years. Prior to retiring Keith was promoted to Lieutenant in charge of the Motor Vehicle Theft service in the Corpus Christi region, directing the strategic and operational management of criminal investigations for a 14 county area in South Texas.

A great deal of the investigations performed by Keith and his staff involved surveillance. Since Keith has joined Gradoni & Associates he has performed with a high level of success in Family Law surveillances, Corporate Theft surveillances and Workman’s Compensation investigations.

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