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Gradoni & Associates offers the full range of investigative services. Click the button below to learn more about our services, and how we’re able to help you.
Private Investigator for Cheating & Infidelity

Cheating & Infidelity; Know the Truth

If you think they’re cheating we’ll get you the truth, with evidence. We’re also adept with divorce, child custody, pre-marital, and asset related investigations.

The Surveillance Experts

The Surveillance Experts

Whether you need someone followed, are looking to gather information for family court, or if you suspect your signifigant other of cheating, we’ll keep an eye out for you.

Criminal Defense Investigators

Criminal Defense Investigators

We help the wrongfully imprisoned reclaim their freedom, wrongfully accused to clear their names, and numerous Houston law firms fight for their clients.

For Corporate Concerns

For Corporate Concerns

Our team has helped many Houston businesses uncover theft schemes in their midst, and to compile intelligence on their competitors. Questions? Call 281-440-0800.

Private Investigator for Background Investigations

Background Investigations

Often, people we consider for employment and personal relationships aren’t who they say they are. If they aren’t, our investigators will find out and inform you.

Newsletter from a Houston Private Investigator

Gradoni & Associates Newsletters

Since 1989 we’ve handled thousands of a investigations for our corporate, law, and private clients. Our newsletters chronicle some of our most interesting cases.

Licensed Houston, TX Private Investigator Since 1989

Gradoni & Associates • Private Eyes of Texas

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Welcome to Gradoni & Associates

Our agency is headed by our founder, Chief Investigator J.J. Gradoni, a well known and respected Houston private investigator who has remained licensed since 1989. TEXAS PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR LICENSE# A05741

Gradoni & Associates - Private EyesHouston private investigators since 1989, Gradoni & Associates offers a wide range of investigative expertise. We’ve had successful experiences conducting major investigations for law firms, insurers, and corporations, and have also achieved success for individuals who came to us looking for a private investigator for a personal matter.

A number of the private investigators & detectives on our team have professional law enforcement backgrounds, and are considered experts in criminal defense preparation.

Technologically Sound, for Current Times

Our staff includes audio-visual experts and professional surveillance agents with undercover experience. Our investigative team also has a premise liability and security expert, a certified public accountant, and experienced Civil Rights investigators. If you have concerns in the Houston area, and are looking for a detailed private investigation agency to suit your informational needs, contact Gradoni & Associates at 281-440-0800 or send us a message using the contact form below.

Gradoni & Associates

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Toll Free: 800-803-9186
Local: 281-440-0800
Fax: 281-440-0208


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Full Service Detective & Investigation Services

If you need to discuss a potential case with a private investigator be sure to call us at 281-440-0800 or click one of the buttons below to learn more about our services.



Licensed Texas Private Investigators Since 1989

Government Trained, Expert Investigators

A majority of the private investigators & detectives on our team have professional law enforcement backgrounds, and are considered experts in criminal defense preparation and general detective work. Members of our staff include former police detectives, former FBI agents, and non-government private investigators that Chief Investigator J.J. Gradoni trained personally.

Experienced Criminal Case Detectives

On a normal basis we work with well known and respected Houston criminal law attorneys such as Jack B. Carroll, Katherine Scardino, and Mark W. Bennett with regard to criminal investigations, death penalty cases, and murder investigations.

We’ve even lent a hand to police detectives when they’ve found themselves overwhelmed, or presented with a case in which they lack the jurisdiction to investigate, and/or needed a trusted, experienced source for outside investigations.

Experienced, Reputable Private Investigator

Gradoni & Associates - Private EyesWith our experience as investigators, combined with diversified areas of expertise, we’ve been able to meet the needs of the legal, insurance, and business communities in Houston, TX.

Our firm has built a strong reputation as providers of comprehensive documentation related to the subject of the investigation, which has proven useful in court settings on many occasions. Our clients can rest assured that they’ll have the facts necessary to make informed decisions.

When you hire a private investigator from Gradoni & Associates, you can take solace in knowing that you’re working with an elite detective that knows the ropes, has the patience to get the job done, and the professional to do it right.

Private Eye & Detective Services Overview

  • Security Evaluation
  • Video and Photographic Evaluations
  • Competitor Intelligence Development
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Electronic Counter Measures
  • Civil Rights Investigations
  • White Collar Crimes Investigations
  • Expert Testimony
  • Asset Discovery
  • Financial Investigations
  • Personal Injury Investigation
  • Criminal Defense Investigation
  • Family Law and Custody Investigation
  • Pre-Employment and Background Investigations
  • Witness Location, Interviews, and Statements
  • Premise Liability Investigations

We’ve Investigated High Profile Cases

Gradoni & Associates has had it’s experience in the limelight as well.

We’ve served as the head private investigator on well known and publicized cases like the Andrea Yates child drownings case, the Bellville Family Murders, and the Bugatti insurance fraud case that made its rounds in Houston and national media.

Read About Our Investigations!

We’re one of the few private investigation firms in Houston to maintain, and publish a newsletter about our detective work.

Our newsletter sheds light on the murky world of the private investigator. We invite you to have a cup of coffee and read about our successes in the field, conducting investigations.

Our Memberships & Associations

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association

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Looking for a Houston Private Investigator?

Gradoni & Associates has conducted thousands of investigations, developed hundreds of sources and partnerships, and has remained a cutting edge Houston private investigator for nearly 30 years. If you need to discuss a personal or business matter with an experienced private investigator, call Gradoni & Associates at 281-440-0800 (north Houston) or 713-701-1415 (Downtown Houston).

Gradoni Private Investigations