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A comprehensive directory of information and resources useful to private investigators, legal professionals, and law enforcement officials who might be conducting an investigation in Galveston County, TX.

A Quick Overview of Galveston County, TX

Galveston County, TX is a located south of Houston and represents the portion of the Texas shoreline that’s geographically closest to Houston. The population of Galveston County is just under 300,000 with League City, TX serving as it’s largest city. The City of Galveston is the county seat.

If you live, work, or have interests in Galveston County, TX and need a professional, licensed private investigator to gather information on your behalf, contact Gradoni & Associates by calling our office at 281-440-0800. Whether you’re a lawyer looking for a private eye for a capital case, or if you have a cheating spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend, we can help you.

Map of Galveston County, TX

Licensed Private Investigators Serving Galveston County

Serving Galveston County & Southeast Texas

  • Bayou Vista
  • Clear Lake Shores
  • Dickinson
  • Friendswood
  • Galveston
  • Hitchcock
  • Jamaica Beach
  • Kemah
  • La Marque
  • League City
  • Santa Fe
  • Texas City
  • Tiki Island
  • Bacliff
  • Bolivar Peninsula
  • San Leon
  • Algoa
  • Bayview
  • Crystal Beach
  • Gilchrist
  • High Island

Gradoni & Associates is a full-service, licensed private investigation agency that’s based in Houston, TX. Our private detective agency is led by our founder and Chief Investigator J.J, Gradoni, a licensed Texas private eye since 1989. Whether you live in Galveston, League City, Friendswood, Houston, or anywhere else in Texas and if you need a reliable, effective, affordable and experienced private investigator, we’re waiting to hear from you. Contact our Gradoni & Associates at 281-440-0800 or 713-701-1415.

Our team has extensive experience with criminal investigations, family law & divorce cases, testifying in court, corporate investigation and embezzlement schemes, and helping people who are believed to be victims of infidelity.

Galveston County Judicial Resources

Galveston County Civil & Criminal Courts

10th District Court
Judge Kerry L. Neves
Phone: 409-766-2230
Fax: 409-770-5266

122nd District Court
Judge John Ellisor
Phone: 409-766-2275
Fax: 409-770-6265

405th District Court
Judge Patricia Grady
Phone: 409-766-2266
Fax: 409-765-2610

56th District Court
Judge Lonnie Cox
Phone: 409-766-2226
Fax: 409-770-5264

212th District Court
Judge Patricia Grady
Phone: 409-766-2266
Fax: 409-765-2610

Galveston County Family Courts

306th District Court
Judge Anne B. Darring
Phone: 409-766-2255
Fax: 409-765-2936

County Court at Law #1
Judge John Grady
Phone: 409-766-2233
Fax: 409-765-2641

County Court at Law #2
Judge Barbara Roberts
Phone: 409-766-2405
Fax: 409-795-3034

County Court at Law #3
Judge Jack Ewing
Phone: 409-621-7920
Fax: 409-765-3154

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