Debt Confessions: A California Theft Case

Our firm was hired by a law firm in California who represented a client that had sent $27,000 to an individual in Houston for the purchase of furniture for their club. The furniture never arrived and the individual who received the money had not responded to any correspondence.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

Polly Korzekwa, our background specialist, identified a current address for our furniture manufacturer along with his vehicles.

Investigator Arreola was able to make contact with the individual who had a story of woe about his business.

Private Investigators of TexasThe individual told Jose that his employees had stolen all of his money and put him out of business. He admitted that at the time he received the $27,000 he was not in the position to fill the order and was hoping that our client would forgive him like some of the other people had who had given him money and never gotten any goods in return.

Jose explained that our client was not in a forgiving mood and would most likely be pursuing charges if he was unable to make restitution. At that point Jose was informed that our suspect was being evicted supplying Jose with an address that he would be moving to in the next few days. The interview of course was tape recorded and would be used by the authorities in California to file charges.

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