The “Inappropriate Acupuncturist Touching” Case

Attorney Randy Schaffer represented an acupuncturist whose client complained to the police that he touched her inappropriately. Randy had already done some internet research and learned that the “victim” needed money to help fund a child adoption.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

Private Investigators of TexasWe were informed that the acupuncturist worked in a small office occupied by two other businesses. Investigator Keith Kucifer interviewed the individuals at the neighboring businesses who all provided glowing reviews regarding the acupuncturist’s demeanor and credibility.

We learned that one of the office mates had a great deal of traffic and no one had ever heard any commotion or any problems with any of the acupuncturist’s patients.

RESULT OF INVESTIGATION: The Sexual Assault case was no billed by the grand jury.

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