The “Custody Restriction” Case

Attorney Kim Ogg represented a father who had temporary custody of his children. The biological mother had been dating a Registered Sex Offender and it had been ordered that the mother not associate with the Sex Offender whatsoever. It was suspected that the mother was violating the order. To get the truth of the matter, Attorney Kim Ogg hired Gradoni & Associates to conduct a private investigation of the matter.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

Video Surveillance Captures the Truth

Investigator George Romero surveilled the mother one weekend and video taped her loading groceries into the Sex Offender’s house and spending the night. Kim then drafted a subpoena for the Sex Offender, asking him to bring to court all of the records regarding his conviction and registration as a Sex Offender.

The Sex Offender tried very hard to avoid service, but we eventually learned where he worked and served him at his place of employment, on the Monday before the Wednesday hearing. The mother then decided to drop her resistance to the custody matter and gave our Client all the stipulations he was seeking.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Our client prevails in the Child Custody battle.

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The “Custody Restriction” Case