The Extra-Marital Cocaine Affairs Case

Attorney Alice J. O’Neill and Attorney Georgann “GiGi” Oglesby represented a father who was seeking custody of his two children. The father alleged that the mother had been involved in an extra-marital affair with a male who was heavily involved in personal narcotics use. Due to the gravity of the situation, Gradoni & Associates was chosen as the private investigator for this case.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

Investigator Paul Wisdom Takes The Cases

Prior to the temporary order hearing Investigator Paul Wisdom followed the mother to Downtown Houston where she picked up her boyfriend near a shelter. The pair was followed to the “hood” where it appeared that the boyfriend made a narcotics transaction. Our background research indicated that the boyfriend was on bond in Ft. Bend County for two Felony Possession of Cocaine charges, at the time all of this occurred.

Prior to the hearing the mother had been instructed to cease contact with the boyfriend. Two days before the hearing, while the mother was under surveillance by Paul Wisdom, we video taped her visiting the Ad Litum’s office while the boyfriend waited for her in her vehicle. The mother subsequently failed the drug test and our Client was awarded custody of the children and the house.

The mother was allowed supervised visitation every other weekend at the children’s house, without our Client present. The orders forbid the boyfriend to be in the house during the visitation, whether the children were present or not.

After the orders were in effect for two months Investigators conducted surveillance at the residence and learned that the children had been given to their grandparents for the weekend, while the mother spent the weekend at our Client’s house with the off-limits boyfriend. To add insult to injury the boyfriend was also video taped driving our Client’s BMW.

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The Extra-Marital Cocaine Affairs Case