Grandparents Succeed in Retaining Custody

Attorney Ruth L. Vernier represented two grandparents who had custody of their granddaughter. Their daughter, the child’s mother, had died a few years ago and the grandparents had custody due to the fact that the biological father had a drinking problem. The biological father, who was living with his brother, had filed for full custody.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

Investigators first conducted a background investigation regarding the defendant’s brother, finding that he had a conviction in Waller County for possession of narcotics.

As a result of our surveillance activity we learned that the biological father had relapsed, had not been going to work and had been in a treatment program recently for his alcohol addiction.

Result of Investigation: The loving grandparents were able to remain custodial parents of their grandchild, securing her with a safe and well defined environment.

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Grandparents Succeed in Retaining Custody

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