The Case of the Sidewalk Absconder

Diane O’Kane represented a defendant charged with possession of crack. The defendant had been originally stopped by police for the violation of not walking on a sidewalk. The defendant’s walking partner, only known as “Hard Hat,” was a witness to the arrest.

Investigator Harry Johnson canvassed the area where the arrest took place, finding and identifying an individual known to everyone as “Hard Hat,” a homeless man who lived in the area, who always wore a hard hat. “Hard Hat’s” version of events was able to support a motion to suppress, which eventually resulted in the case dismissal.

Possession of Crack Cocaine

Case Dismissed

Had Gradoni & Associates not been involved with this criminal investigation the defendant would have faced penalties in line with felony drug offenses; 2-20 years TDC depending on the amount of the drug in the defendant’s possession in connection with the charge.

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