The Collection Agency Embezzlement Case

One of our corporate clients, a collection agency, noticed some irregularities in two of their checking accounts.

Gradoni & Associates Takes The Case

Our investigation revealed that the bookkeeper had been making checks payable to himself, showing in the ledger the checks were going to vendors.

The total theft exceeded $170,000 over a year period. Further investigation revealed that the majority of the money was spent at topless clubs, a new car and electronic equipment. The suspect confessed his wrongdoing to J.J. Gradoni after he was fired and promised to pay the money back in installments.

The suspect then admitted the theft under oath in a civil suit brought against him by his former employer. The suspect, now the Defendant, decided to plead guilty and allowed the judge to assess his punishment. The former employer brought his daughters to court to testify that they would not be able to go to college because the embezzlement had just about bankrupted their parent’s company. The Judge was especially upset about the topless clubs. The defendant was given the max, 20 years in TDCJ.

Do The Crime, Get The Time!

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Confession from Thief. 20 Year Prison Sentence

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The Collection Agency Embezzlement Case