Good Samaritan Robbed, Witness Eye Shotgunned

Attorney Gregory Glass represented an individual who was charged with the aggravated robbery of a good Samaritan in front of his house in Houston, TX. The good Samaritan had given a ride to an individual whose bike was broken. After arriving at the Defendant’s house the rider attempted to rob the good Samaritan, shooting him in the eye with a shotgun.

The investigating police officers determined that our Client lived in the house and subsequently got a positive identification that he was the robber, from the good Samaritan.

The Defendant adamantly denied being involved, stating the robbery had been committed by his roommate.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

Investigator Paul Wisdom found an eye witness to the robbery, who identified the roommate as the actor who committed the robbery. We also found two witnesses who observed the roommate running from the scene after the robbery, discarding bloody clothes.

Presented with this evidence, the District Attorney was still wanted to try our client, until the roommate was arrested for Aggravated Robbery on an unrelated matter.

The case was finally dismissed. A classic case of bad I.D. by a one-eyed witness and most likely a detective who had some influence on the Complainant’s identification pick.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Dismissal of Aggravated Robbery Charges

Good Samaritan Robbed, Witness Eye Shotgunned