Male Prostitute Accused of “Laptop” Robbery

Attorney Skip Cornelius represented a male prostitute who allegedly ran up to the complainant’s car, robbing the complainant at gun point in the middle of the street and taking his laptop.

J.J. Gradoni Investigates

The defendant informed us that the complainant was actually one of his tricks, who had given him the laptop to hold in lieu of monies owed for services rendered.

J.J. Gradoni, an experienced Houston, TX private investigator, interviewed the complainant and obtained his version of events. During the interview JJ advised the complainant that our defense was going to be that he made a false report and had been engaging with the defendant in sex for hire, giving the defendant his laptop in payment for services rendered.

During the interview JJ also suggested there was video from the street cameras indicating that the robbery had not occurred.

The complainant agreed to sign an affidavit of non-prosecution and the case was dismissed. The defendant, who was an accomplished artist, sent a beautiful drawing to our offices which hangs in our reception area, thanking us for “saving his life.”

Hopefully, the former insurance salesman will return to that profession, rather than the one that got him in trouble.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Dismissal of Aggravated Robbery Charges

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Male Prostitute Accused of “Laptop” Robbery