The Wrong Man Killed in Dope Rip-Off Case

Attorney Skip Cornelius represented a teenager charged with Capital Murder. The teenager was selling dope for a dealer and had been ripped off by a customer.

When our Defendant informed the dope dealer about what happened she also gave him a description of the actor along with his purple colored vehicle. The dope dealer and an associate drove the teenager around in the neighborhood until they found a purple car that resembled the one driven by the thief.

While they were inspecting the car the owner of the car came outside and approached the dope dealer’s vehicle, wanting to know why they were looking at his car. The teenager informed the dope dealer that the owner of the car was not the man who had ripped her off, but the passenger shot the man dead in his tracks anyway.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

Our Investigator, Jose Arreola, was able to verify from witnesses to the shooting that the teenager was not involved. We also were able to interview a number of character witnesses for the teenager, who were willing to testify on her behalf. The Prosecutor realized that obtaining a conviction on the teenager was most likely not possible and in good faith dismissed the case.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Capital Murder Charges Dismissed

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Wrong Man Killed in Dope Rip-Off Investigation