The Case of the Victimized Criminal

Attorney Douglas Bradley Loper represented a client charged with the aggravated robbery of a dope dealer. The defendant’s aunt requested that Investigators investigate the complainant, a student at Southwest Texas College in San Marcos, in order to establish the fact that he had no credibility since he was heavily involved in selling narcotics.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

Investigators started the investigation by downloading a number of social media pictures depicting the complainant with narcotics and cash money. Investigators then obtained a copy of the offense report in which the complainant was charged for possession of marijuana, ecstasy and scales as a result of a traffic stop in Washington County.

Surveillance Initiated

Investigators conducted surveillance on the complainant’s apartment, documenting a heavy flow of what was believed to be narcotic trafficking. Our surveillance agent, Investigator Adam Garcia, actually filmed someone leaving the complainant’s residence holding rolled marijuana cigarettes.

RESULT OF INVESTIGATION: The information obtained by our private investigation team was provided to the Hayes County Narcotics Task Force so that they could initiate an investigation and possibly arrest the complainant for trafficking. During the course of the investigation Investigators also learned that the complainant was on bond for two aggravated robberies in Travis County.

After the investigation was complete the defendant’s aunt sent an email that said “Words can’t express how grateful I am for you for taking this case.” It will be interesting to see how the prosecutor reacts when he learns that his complainant is the one who is the criminal.

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The Case of the Victimized Criminal