Robbery & Murder Charges Dismissed

Attorney Skip Cornelius represented a defendant charged with the robbery murder of an individual near an apartment complex in Southwest Houston. The State’s case was based on two witness statements. The first statement came from the defendant’s girlfriend, who advised that he had informed her that he had committed a robbery in that area at the time of the murder. The problem the State had with this witness was that she had also been charged with Capital Murder in an unrelated case.

The only other witness was a dope addict who stated that he had given our client a ride to the area where the murder had taken place and, when the client had gotten back into his car, he mentioned he had done something that he shouldn’t have, but never mentioned specifically that he had murdered anyone.

Investigator Edna Velez went to extremes to try to locate this witness without any success. The State had no better luck in finding this witness and therefore dismissed the case against our defendant.

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Robbery & Murder Charges Dismissed

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