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J. J. Gradoni President & Chief Investigator

J.J. Gradoni has been president and owner of Gradoni & Associates since January 1988. Prior to forming the firm, he worked 14 years in law enforcement.

Gradoni has experience investigating & supervising investigations dealing in narcotics, property crimes, fraud and fugitives.

He is recognized by local law enforcement officials as an expert in investigating white-collar crimes.

J.J. has instructed at the University of Houston Criminal Justice Center and has authored intelligence documentaries on fraud. He has been interviewed by U.S. Senate Subcommittees concerning the effects of these crimes in the Houston area.

In 1983, J.J. was honored as Officer of the Year by the 100 Club of Houston. J.J. holds an Advanced Certificate from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education and has received specialized training at the International Intelligence Network. 

Since the firm’s inception in 1988, J.J. has been involved as a lead Investigator and/or case manager in over 425 capital murder cases at the Federal level and 7 different State jurisdictions in Texas.

Gradoni & Associates has been involved in 4 of the 8 capital murder case acquittals in Harris County in the last 20 years.

J.J. has also managed corporate loss investigations for dozens of clients which identified the wrong-doers, recovered property and secured confessions resulting in termination and successful criminal prosecution.

The ability to identify case objectives, assign competent Investigators for each task, and to accomplish the client’s goal is the foundation of success for Gradoni & Associates.

The firm’s motto “The Truth Makes A Difference” is the underlying element in each of the firm’s investigative activities for corporations, attorneys, business owners or individual clients at every level of the investigation. Leaving “no stone unturned” to achieve the client’s goal is a daily habit, not a special effort.