Missing Children: Mom’s Call Leads to Service

Attorney Laura Dale represented a doctor in Sweden, who had been given custody of his son in the Swedish Courts. The mother, an American, took her son to the Houston/Beaumont area for a vacation and never returned.

Gradoni Detectives Take on The Case

Our mission was to locate Mom and the child so that she could be served a Petition that would start the litigation process to return the boy to his father in Sweden. George Wellmaker had interviewed the Mom’s friends in Beaumont and determined that they had spent a few days with the Mom and the child when she initially arrived in the United States a few months ago.

One morning out of the blue, the missing Mom called George Wellmaker to tell him that she and the boy were fine and living in Illinois. Evidently, George had impressed her friends so much that she had decided to reach out and make contact. The contact of course, initiated the paperwork that would get Mom in a Court of jurisdiction.

Our office received a 2nd call from Mom, who wanted to do some research on her husband’s attorneys in order to see how competent they were in these matters. During that phone conversation with me personally, she again complimented George Wellmaker’s professionalism and demeanor in talking to her friends.

I was able to tell Mom that she was up against a real expert in these type of foreign custody matters, hopefully making her day. We are now awaiting service to be completed so Laura Dale can start The Hague process to get the child returned to his father.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Father will Recover his Son, Missing Child Found

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A Mother’s Courtesy Call Leads to Service