The Case of The Missing Laptops

We were hired by a Houston, TX-based firm who keeps a large inventory of laptops that they supply to customers in the medical field. The laptops are delivered to the medical client completely updated with current software and the medical client’s specific needs. After the September 2014 inventory, our client determined that they were missing 9 laptops and our firm was hired to investigate.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

At the start of the investigation, we identified the individuals who had the opportunity to take the laptops from the warehouse. After a series of background investigations and interviews, we identified two potential suspects. Edna Velez and JJ Gradoni interviewed both suspects, who we originally thought were involved in the scheme together. After the conclusion of the two suspect interviews the actual thief, who acted alone, gave a full confession.

We were able to determine that six of the $1,700 laptops were sold on eBay for $150. The remaining three laptops had been pawned at local pawn shops. The perpetrator took us to the three pawn shops in where we were able to recover the three stolen laptops.

With the suspect’s cooperation, we were also able to identify, from the phone numbers and text messages on his cell phone, the individuals who had purchased the six laptops on eBay. Our client decided not to pursue charges against the eBay purchasers, but Hewlett-Packard was able to disable the computers they purchased, making them inoperable.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: As a result of our investigation, we were able to make recommendations to our client to change their security procedures which would most likely avoid thefts of this nature in the future.

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The Case of The Missing Laptops