The “Mentally Unstable” Investigation

Endangerment to a Child: No Bill

Jonathan Paull represented an individual who was charged with endangerment of a child as a result of an incident that occurred in a vehicle. The defendant was riding in the passenger seat in a vehicle driven by the child’s mother. A fight erupted between the defendant and the driver. The driver alleged that the defendant pulled the parking brake and jerked the steering wheel, causing the vehicle to crash and thus injuring the child. The defendant, on the other hand, claimed that the accident was a result of the driver speeding.

Gradoni & Associates’ Investigators Get Involved

Our investigation determined that the driver was mentally unstable and had a history of putting ex-boyfriends in jail. Kevin Templeton conducted a scene analysis of the skid marks, which refuted the driver’s claims that she was only going 35 miles per hour. The defendant also took a polygraph exam that indicated he was being truthful regarding his version of events.

A package was prepared for the Grand Jury, which subsequently No Billed the defendant.

Accused of a Crime? The Truth Matters

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The Mentally Unstable Mom Investigation