Machinist “Abused” by Police, Charges Reduced

Attorney Gary Polland represented a Houston Machinist, who Police claim ran from them after they tried to stop him for a traffic violation. The Officers stated that during the “chase”, which ended up in the Defendant’s parents’ driveway, he threw something out of the window that was later recovered and identified as PCP. The Defendant was struck five times in the face with a flashlight, causing his eye socket to be damaged. It was determined that the alleged PCP was not a drug and those charges were dropped.

Due to the FBI and Internal Affairs investigation of the Police conduct during the arrest, the DA offered to reduce the Felony Evade Arrest to a Misdemeanor and release the Defendant from Jail with time served.

Gradoni Investigations Take on the Case

Our investigation into the matter supports the Defendant’s claim that he was abused by the arresting Officers. This case appears to be the classic street principle “If you run, you pay.” As Polland was quoted in the newspaper, “My client was beat so bad, he didn’t go to Jail. He went straight to the hospital”.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Felony Evasion Charges Reduced

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Houston Machinist “Abused” by Police, Charges Reduced