Over 34 Years of Criminal Defense Investigation Excellence

During the 34 years we have been in existence, we have earned the reputation as one of the premier investigative agencies to assist criminal defense attorneys in representing their clients. During that time, we have worked on over 1,000 murder and capital murder cases to help our criminal attorney clients provide the best defense possible for the accused parties.

We believe our role is to determine if law enforcement performed a complete investigation following the crime to its most logical conclusion. Our team of law enforcement veterans examines the offense report and other evidence compiled by the law enforcement agency, in hopes of answering that question.

We locate, background, and interview every witness associated with the case, identify witnesses who are overlooked or have a positive impact on the defendant’s case, then provide an overview for the defense attorney that enables the attorney and the defendant to understand the strength of the state’s case should they decide to go to trial.

Gradoni & Associates, Texas Private InvestigatorsDuring the last quarter of 2023, we assisted Attorney Paul Morgan in obtaining two “not guilty” verdicts in murder cases. Each case involved a shooting death in which both the defendant and victim possessed weapons. In both cases, the jury found the defendant innocent, concluding that they acted in self-defense.

We assisted Attorney Chase Clayton in obtaining a hung jury in Brazoria County on a murder case in which the victim’s own relative told us in an interview he thought the defendant acted in self-defense.

We assisted Attorney Mary Conn in raising enough issues about the identification of our defendant that resulted in a hung jury in a capital case.

Lastly, we were able to assist Attorney Brad Loper in showing the District Attorney that the individual charged with the murder was not the guilty party, which resulted in the case being dismissed.

Our motto, “The truth makes a difference. We leave no stone unturned,” is not something that just sounds good; it’s something that we do every day for our clients.