The Case of the Police Officer Abuser

Ross Palmie represented an individual who was charged with assaulting a police officer while on probation for the same charge. Investigators canvassed the neighborhood where the incident took place, finding an impartial third party witness that verified the defendant’s story that he did not assault the police officer.

The witnesses testified in court on the defendant’s behalf, resulting in the case being dismissed and the defendant being reinstated to probation.

Criminal Charge: Assault on a Police Officer

Potential Ramification: New Criminal Charges, Probation Revocation

Result: Case Dismissed, Probation Reinstatement

As you may gather from reviewing this part of the May of 2002 newsletter, the defendant would have served a lengthy time in prison had his legal counsel decided against hiring the experienced Houston private detectives of Gradoni & Associates. If you or a loved one are in a similar situation, and need our help, call us at 281-440-0800.

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