We Used Facebook to Track & ID a Student

The Pharmacy Student

Attorney Luke Carrabba represented State Farm in a civil litigation and was trying to serve an individual who was a pharmacy student at the University of Houston. The law firm had hired a skip tracing company who could only identify the apartment complex where the student resided but could not identify an apartment number or a vehicle associated with him.

Gradoni & Associates Takes the Case

Gradoni & Associates, Houston Private InvestigatorsInvestigator Jose Arreola, who used to be a police officer at the University of Houston, knew that the pharmacy school had an area on the fourth floor in which the students gathered in between classes.

Jose was able to gain access to the area and armed with the student’s Facebook photograph he was able to serve him the subpoena requesting his deposition. We had received the assignment on a Wednesday afternoon locating and serving our future pharmacist by noon the following day.


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We Used Facebook to Track & ID a Student