Busted from New Jersey; Infidelity & Cheating

Long Reach from New Jersey

We were contacted by a lady in New Jersey who had identified our firm as a result of an internet search. The female had been looking at her husband’s phone and found that there was a number of calls to a particular female living in the Sugar Land area. Our new client was concerned that while her husband was in Houston on business he was having an affair with this lady.

Our client provided us with a description of her husband’s rental vehicle, his photograph and the motel he was believed to be living in. She also provided us with the name and phone number of the suspected paramour.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

Polly Korzekwa, our research expert, identified the woman and her vehicle and determined that her residence, where she lived with her husband and family, was approximately two miles from the hotel where our client’s husband was staying.

Investigator Keith Kucifer set up surveillance and caught the female spending the majority of one day at the motel with our client’s husband. After she left the motel, Investigator Kucifer followed her to the residence we had previously identified. The client was upset with the news, but was somewhat relieved that she had found out the truth.

Result of Investigation: Our client  jumped on a plane and flew to town the next day, confronting her husband regarding what we had developed during our investigation. The husband admitted the encounter, but claimed it was merely a “fling”, and begged his wife not to visit the lady’s residence and cause her any problems. Our client agreed to do so and returned back to New Jersey. When we last spoke to the client she was in the process of sorting things out with her husband. We have known for a long time cell phones, texts and Facebook are the demise of cheaters.

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Busted from New Jersey; Infidelity & Cheating

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