The Scoundrel Investigation

Our client, a single mom, entered into a relationship with a male who told her he was a doctor. This boyfriend was very secretive regarding where he lived, but was able to talk our client into giving him a “a sizeable loan”. She also paid to repair the car he was driving. He then disappeared.

The only real information our client had about the male was his name, which was a very common name, and the VIN number off of the invoice paying for his car.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

We were able to identify the owner of the car to be a female who worked at a hospital. As a result of this identification we were able to identify our scoundrel, who must have become a doctor after he was released from prison for a theft case over $20,000 (just kidding).

Result of Investigation: We were able to identify the scoundrel’s place of residence and contact phone numbers. Although our client knows getting her money back is highly unlikely, she is very happy to learn the real fact of the situation.

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The Scoundrel Investigation

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