The Case of the “Motel Psychiatrist”

Our client, a retired airline pilot, came to Gradoni & Associates before he ever hired an Attorney. Our client believed that his wife spent a great deal of time on the phone, talking with her Psychiatrist. It was decided that we would place his wife under surveillance.

Gradoni Detectives Stakeout Hotel

During the surveillance activity we learned that the Psychiatrist was having sessions with our client’s wife in motel rooms both in Houston and in San Antonio. In addition, our forensic computer specialist, Aaron Hughes, recovered a number of incriminating emails on the husband and wife’s shared computer. Armed with all of the evidence provided by Gradoni & Associates in the form of surveillance photos, emails, and cell phone records, our client secured the services of an Attorney and initiated a divorce in Harris County.

The divorce action took its normal course. The evidence was not made known until after the wife’s deposition and the deposition of the Psychiatrist, who was, at that time, “happily married”.

When the evidence was presented in Court, our client was able to provide documentation of the wife’s immoral activities and perjury. The divorce ended in the client’s favor. A Medical Board complaint was filed on the Psychiatrist. Litigation affecting the status of his license to practice in Texas is still pending.

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The Case of the “Motel Psychiatrist”