The Case of The Murdered Pasadena PD Officer

Attorney Katherine Scardino represented the individual charged with killing a Pasadena, TX Policeman the day after he was released from the Harris County Jail. The Officer responded to a domestic disturbance at the defendant’s mother’s house when he was shot on the porch. Katherine and Co-Counsel, Kelly Case reached an agreement with the State for a 40 year term for the defendant.

The defendant had a history of mental illness. The defendant had been denied his medications while in jail and the defense believed that this contributed to his mental state when he shot the Officer. Kelly Case wrote after the verdict, “There were no winners today. It was comparable to watching a massive car wreck and knowing there is nothing you can do to stop it.” District Attorney Lykos listened to the mitigation we developed and the case went from a Death Capital to a Murder Plea.

Impact of Gradoni & Associates

“The daunting investigation by Gradoni & Associates enabled us to obtain and preserve valuable evidence by interviewing 19 witnesses that had been in jail with the defendant, supporting our allegation that the defendant was withheld his medication.”

Case went on to say that Katherine Scardino was one of the finest lawyers he had ever worked with and sited her leadership and persistence as the key factor contributing to the outcome of this case.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Capital Murder Charges Reduced, Murder Plea

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The Case of The Murdered Pasadena PD Officer