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Our firm was contacted by an individual who liked what he saw on our website asking for our help to recover a $60,000 car his wife had loaned to the son of a family friend. The son borrowed the car to run errands on December 27th but never came back. He eventually turned up telling her that he was robbed at gunpoint for the vehicle.

When our client’s wife tried to report the vehicle stolen in Harris County she was informed that since the aggravated robbery took place in Montgomery County the family friend had to make the report in person at the Sheriff’s Department there. The client explained that he just couldn’t seem to get the boy to go to Montgomery County to make the report so the vehicle could be placed on the stolen list.

A few weeks after the vehicle went missing our client’s wife was contacted by an individual wanting to extort $1,500 in exchange for information on the vehicle’s location. Polly Korzekwa, our research analyst, determined that the individual who contacted our client’s wife had a lengthy criminal history including murder. The boy who had actually been loaned the car also had a lengthy criminal history involving drugs.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

J.J. Gradoni and Investigator Keith Kucifer paid a visit to the boy’s residence in order to determine the situation regarding the vehicle’s theft and to provide a ride to report the vehicle stolen if in fact that was a true story.

Private Investigators of TexasWhen Investigators knocked on the door it was answered by the boy’s brother. When he called his brother to come to the door we heard a voice in the house saying “Who is it?” The brother looked at the two Investigators and yelled back at his brother “I think it’s someone who wants to ask you questions”.

As a result of our interview we were informed that the vehicle was taken at gunpoint from a Shell station in Montgomery County. The strange thing about the story was the fact that after he was robbed, our hero did not call the police but called his mother for a ride home. We also found out that the individual with the murder history was one of the three people who had taken the van from him.

Investigator Kucifer was able to confirm at the Shell station there was an actual video of the hijacking which seemed to substantiate the story.

Investigator Kucifer transported our unwilling complainant to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department where a report was made and the vehicle was reported stolen. Two days later Montgomery County officers were responding to a burglary in progress, having chased the suspects to a residence where the vehicle was parked and recovered.

Charges are pending on the individuals involved in the theft of the vehicle.

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