Investigation Spurs Felony Drug Charge Dismissal

Attorney Carmen Roe represented a Defendant charged with Possession of Crack Cocaine.

The defendant was arrested as a result of a Search Warrant officers executed at his residence. The police officers claimed in their Affidavit that they had an Informant purchase Crack in the front yard of the residence from an unknown individual.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate the Crack Arrest

We performed an analysis of the Affidavit and believed it was not sufficient.

The Officers stated they observed Narcotic activity at the residence but didn’t identify any Plate numbers, individuals or the length of time they were at the residence. The Informant who purchased the Crack was not kept under visual surveillance the entire time he was allegedly performing the Undercover activity.

There were a number of other holes in the Affidavit, which would lead one to believe that the Officers were either embellishing the story or just sloppy in their documentation.

The Judge agreed and the case was dismissed.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Crack Possession Charges Dismissed

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Investigation Spurs Dismissal of Felony Drug Offense