Surveillance Pays Off

During the first four months of 2002, Gradoni & Associates has utilized it’s surveillance team to protect two corporate clients from the theft of supplies, materials and client’s proprietary information.

The 1st Surveillance Case

The first case involved the surveillance of an individual who had been the recipient of a $500,000 loan to set up a computer service company. Investigators surveilled the principal for two weeks in order to identify his daily schedule and all of the customers he serviced. The surveillance results were compared to the time bill out turned in by the employee which revealed discrepancies.

The 2nd Surveillance Case

The second case involved the surveillance of a company’s sales manager and operations manager to identify locations where our client’s materials and laborers were used to perform construction jobs. The individuals had set up their own competitive company, were keeping 100 percent of the bill out for themselves on the construction jobs, while our client paid for the labor and material costs.

As most thieves find out, you can steal from your employer some of the time, but eventually you will “get nailed” (pardon the pun).

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