The “His Turn to Inflict Pain” Murder Investigation

Attorney Skip Cornelius represented a Defendant who was charged with the stabbing death of an individual during an altercation. Our client regularly hung out at a makeshift bar and pool hall on the North side of Houston.

One of the Defendant’s associates had taken the victim’s car and not returned it. The victim was getting upset about his missing car so our client persuaded the individual who had taken the car to return it. The victim retrieved his car, went home and got a knife and came back to the location proclaiming that it was his turn to inflict some pain on those responsible for taking his car.

A fist fight ensued in which our Defendant was involved. When the altercation had come to an end a male exited the pool hall, picked up the victim’s knife and stabbed him repeatedly, causing his death.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

Paul Wisdom and Jose Arreola interviewed a number of witnesses who were willing to testify that our client had no involvement whatsoever in causing the victim’s death.

When the Prosecutor was presented with the eye-witness accounts developed by our investigation, charges were dismissed against our client.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Capital Murder Charges Dismissed

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The “His Turn to Inflict Pain” Investigation