The Child Smothering Murder Investigation

Attorney Stanley Schneider and Attorney Kevin Fine represented a foster care parent who was charged with smothering a child in his care when attempting to encourage him to go to sleep. The prosecutors claimed the defendant, possibly due to stress from his job, held the child’s face down in his pillow in his crib to make him stop crying.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

During our investigation, witnesses were developed that stated that the older brother was consistently observed harassing and bullying the victim, his little brother. It was also revealed that the older brother had psychological problems due to an abusive past within the family home prior to going into foster care.

Additionally, the investigation revealed that the organization managing the foster care had not fully disclosed the children’s past abusive behavior and medical history prior to placing them into the defendant’s home. Investigators obtained documents regarding the older brother’s previous violent and aggressive behavior towards other children.

Several of the witnesses that had formerly cared for the children stated that they had observed the older brother’s aggressive behavior towards other younger children by placing objects on their face and head and attempting to smother and subdue them.

A nine-man, three-woman jury deliberated about two hours after hearing nearly three weeks of testimony. Ultimately the defendant was acquitted. Stanley Schneider’s tenacity and trial skills played a huge role in preventing a conviction of an innocent man.


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The Child Smothering Murder Investigation