The Case of the Dirty Daughter

Attorney Brett Podolsky represented an individual who had stopped by his rental home, which was occupied by his daughter who had a well-documented drug addiction problem, and found three males inside; two of which were in bed with his daughter.

The defendant was enraged, telling all three of the males to leave the residence immediately. The daughter was involved in a CPS custody case and we believe she feared that the inci­dent would have an effect on losing her child, so she called the Sheriff’s Department and it was alleged that the defendant had evicted the three male visitors at gunpoint, resulting in the aggravated assault charges.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate the “Victims”

During the coarse of our investigation into alleged aggravated assault victims, we determined that one of the complainants was wanted on a theft warrant. The second complainant was on probation for assault and the third complainant had disappeared. Brett was able to use this information to show the Prosecutor that the complainant’s had no credibility and the case was dismissed.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION:  Dismissal of Aggravated Assault Charges

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The Case of the Dirty Daughter