The College Football Theft Investigation

Allen Cease represented a high school student who was charged with going to another student’s house and along with 2 other co-defendants, had taken items from the garage. The main eyewitness told police he saw the defendant removing the items and placing them in his vehicle.

The Gradoni Investigation Begins

Investigators interviewed a number of students who were also at the victim’s house at the time the incident occurred.

None of these witnesses could support the key witness’ version of events. Our investigation also revealed that the key witness, a fellow football teammate of the defendant, had quite an egotistical rivalry with the defendant who had been granted an athletic scholarship for football at an Arkansas college.

The volumes of information that tended to discredit the key witnesses’ testimony was taken into account by the Fort Bend District Attorney who reduced the charge to trespass. The defendant did not lose his athletic scholarship.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Burglary of Habitation Reduced to Criminal Trespass

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The College Football Theft Investigation