The Dead Rapist Investigation

Our Client Was Charged with Murder

Attorney Alan Cohen represented a individual who had rushed to a motel room to protect his girlfriend after he received a call from her stating that a man in the room was trying to rape her.

The Defendant brought a gun with him.

During the scuffle with the victim, the gun discharged and the victim was shot in the chest, diving out the hotel window. The State had a prostitute witness who testified that the Defendant shot the victim at point-blank range, while the victim was lying on the ground.

Gradoni Detectives Investigate the Killing

Our review of the scene and the physical evidence indicated the witness could not have observed what she testified to. The jury found our Defendant guilty, but only for manslaughter and assessed a six year sentence.

During the trial, Alan asked the Defendant to recreate the struggle he had with the victim in the motel room. During the reenactment, the Defendant pushed Alan to the floor so hard that he broke his arm. The Defendant was not charged for this incident.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Defendant Found Guilty of Manslaughter, Instead of Murder

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The Dead Rapist Investigation