Mystery of the Moving Boxes, Unfoiled

Attorney Travis Crowder represented a company that had hundreds of metal receptacles placed throughout the city for clothing donations. A number of the receptacles, valued at $1300 a piece, had been stolen from their placement sites.

Gradoni Investigator’s Track & Surveil Operation

Investigator Carey Wellmaker orchestrated an investigation which involved placing tracking devices on containers that were located in high traffic areas. When one of the containers finally started moving, it was followed to a residence in Deer Park.

Detectives Arrive in Deer Park, TX, in Pursuit

When the Investigators arrived, the suspects had loaded the missing container being tracked and another container belonging to our client, taking both containers to a salvage lot. The containers were almost crushed at the facility before the Police arrived, seizing the containers and returning them to our client. The individuals in possession of our client’s containers claimed they had permission to pick them up, but our investigation determined that the permission came from one of our client’s competitors.


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Mystery of the Moving Boxes, Unfoiled