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January of 2009 Edition

A Message from J.J.,

Chief J.J. Gradoni
Chief J.J. Gradoni

Our 20th year working with our diversified client base has come to a close. In reflection, we’ve exceeded 10 million dollars in sales, thanks to all of our clients.

The fundamentals of investigating has never changed since our inception. The development of the computer has provided us with the ability to obtain, disseminate, and retain information at a level that I did not think would be realistic or feasible when I started this business from my home.

The importance of getting the facts for our clients so that they would be able to make informed decisions has always been our most important function. We have compiled a Harris County Court Directory for the seventh straight year in a row to assist our clients in their daily routines. Should you need more for your staff, please let us know.

For the first time, we have also put together a 2009 Court Directory for Montgomery, Galveston, Brazoria, and Fort Bend Counties, which is also available for our clients. We look forward to working with all of you during this upcoming year and we thank you for the last two great decades.


Congratulations to our Client, Kevin Fine, who won election to the Bench in the 177th District Court. Everyone that I’ve talked to is looking forward to working in the 177th, knowing that Judge Fine will be a fair and impartial Judge.


A recent study done by a private company determined that a third of all existing criminal records are missing from the online Texas Department of Public Safety Conviction Database which is available to the public.

The identified problems exist because of human error,“spotty” reporting from Law Enforcement Agencies, Courts, and District Attorney offices that input the information into the database.

A DPS spokeswoman was quoted as saying that some counties reported as little as 17% of their convictions.

There are a number of entities who rely on the DPS database to assist in their background investigations which, in essence, provides them with a false feeling of security when the applicant is documented as having no records.

The background investigations we conduct utilize several varied databases to insure thoroughness and accuracy for our clients.


Gilbert Garcia was appointed as Special Prosecutor to conduct the prosecution of Jason Barrett who was charged with Capital Murder in the August 20, 2006 death of 2 year old, Madisyn Farrington, the daughter of Barrett’s girlfriend. Lisa Benge served as the 2nd Chair and assisted Gilbert in the difficult task of prosecuting a child death case.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s office had been re-moved from the case as a result of events that occurred during their investigation of the homicide. Gilbert asked Carey Well-maker to spearhead the investigation for the Prosecution. Carey worked tirelessly, locating and interviewing witnesses, obtaining records, and assisting the team in preparing for trial. Carey’s focus was to identify the fact situation, to establish the credibility of the witnesses and to evaluate the physical evidence collected.

The case was very emotionally charged. At a Hearing just before the scheduled trial, the victim’s Father caused such a disturbance in Court, that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department SWAT Team had to be called to the Courthouse. One family member was detained and order was regained.

Prior to the start of trial, Barrett accepted a plea bargain for 20 years in prison. Family members of the victim had the opportunity to express their pain to Barrett in the form of a Victim’s Impact Statement at the Courthouse. Barrett sat flanked by members of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team who were present because of alleged threats toward Barrett by Madisyn’s Father.

Garcia was quoted in the newspaper as saying “Barrett pleaded guilty to murder, so there is a closure to them which is important”. During the course of her efforts, Carey worked very closely with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Investigators. Carey’s efforts and insights developing the evidence had a definite impact on the Defendant taking the plea and not risking a life term at trial.


We were recently appointed to represent a Defendant who rented a large U-Haul to allegedly rob stores with his partner. When asked why he rented a U-Haul the Defendant replied “Because my vehicle wouldn’t run”. When asked the follow-up question, “Why didn’t you rent a car instead?”, the Defendant proudly answered “The U-Haul was cheaper”.

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  • They Said She Committed Aggravated Robbery
    Attorney Lori Gooch represented a female charged with Aggravated Robbery. Gradoni & Associates Intervenes with Solid Detective Work Our investigation determined that none of the State’s witnesses were reliable and that the allegation may have been in
  • Private Investigators of TexasMystery of the Moving Boxes, Unfoiled
    Attorney Travis Crowder represented a company that had hundreds of metal receptacles placed throughout the city for clothing donations. A number of the receptacles, valued at $1300 a piece, had been stolen from their placement sites. Gradoni
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Stolen Benz Investigation
    State Farm Insurance hired Gradoni & Associates to locate a stolen silver 2005 Mercedes which originally displayed Louisiana license plates. Gradoni & Associates Investigates the Auto Theft Utilizing the Firm’s extensive databases, we were able to
  • Reflectors Trump HPD’s Crack Possession Charges
    Attorney Lana Gordon represented a female who was stopped by Houston Police Officers while she was riding a bicycle at 6:00 a.m., for not having reflectors. The search, subsequent to her arrest, produced a “crack” pipe in her possession. Our Defendant
  • The Investigation of a Flawed DWI Arrest
    A man was arrested in Houston for a DWI offense, and hired Attorney Mark W. Bennett to fight the charge. Gradoni & Associates Get Involved Investigators assisted Attorney Mark W. Bennett in identifying information regarding the arresting officer’s
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    Attorney Robert Loper represented an insurance agency owner who was involved in a verbal traffic incident with a Reserve Police Officer from a small town in Galveston County. When our Defendant parked his car, the Reserve Officer dressed in hospital scrubs,
  • The Case of the Armed Arrested Felon with Drugs
    Attorney Laine Lindsey represented a Defendant charged with the Possession of Controlled Substance and Felon in Possession of a Weapon. Gradoni & Associates’ Detectives Uncover Discrepancies Our investigation revealed that the circumstances
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    Attorney Robert Fickman represented a female charged with pointing a gun at her abusive husband. The Defendant had been physically abused by the Complainant for a long period of time. When the Complainant refused to leave after an abusive incident with the



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