Busted! Mom, Daughter Date New Boyfriend, Son

We were asked by an individual to surveil his wife while he was out of town in order to identify her boyfriend.

Gradoni Investigates Infidelity Claims

During the course of a week-long surveillance, we obtained video on a daily basis of the wife with her boyfriend. On one Friday evening, we were able to obtain videotape in a bar with our undercover camera of our client’s wife engaged in kissing and hugging her boyfriend at the dinner table. The wife was so intoxicated, she was captured on tape being helped to her boyfriend’s car.

Surveillance Bonuses

Undercover Operatives also heard the wife’s conversation with her boyfriend and his buddy and learned that the wife had gone on a double date with the boyfriend, her daughter, and the boyfriend’s son.

We can’t wait until this goes to mediation.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Our Client is Armed & Packing, Ready for Mediation

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Busted! Mom, Daughter Date New Boyfriend, Son