Revelations of Record Retrieval

Attorney Julie Ketterman and Attorney Colin Amann were representing an individual who was stopped by a DPS Trooper in the Valley for operating a suspicious vehicle.

The Trooper claimed that he became suspicious of the vehicle after he had run the license plate and did not get any information back. The search of the vehicle, subsequent to the stop, found powder cocaine secreted in hidden compartments in the vehicle.

The defendant, a motherly Hispanic female, from Houston, claimed that she had just bought the vehicle and was driving it back to Houston, having no knowledge of the secret compartments.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

Polly Korzekwa, our Research Analyst, after many contacts with DPS, was able to identify the location of the Officer’s transmissions to the Dispatcher, which were of course, preserved on tape. After we subpoenaed the records, we learned that the Officer didn’t run the defendant’s license plate number until thirty minutes after the vehicle had been stopped.

The Judge denied the Motion to Suppress but we gained some valuable knowledge in how to get information that can assist us as we defend our clients.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: New Tactics & Resources Gained

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Revelations of Record Retrieval