The Stepfather Vs. Stepson Choking Investigation

Houston, TX based Attorney Franklin Bynum represented a defendant who was charged with the Aggravated Assault of his stepson. An argument erupted between the defendant and his stepson over the stepsons attendance at school. The stepson alleged the stepfather viciously attacked him choking him down to the ground.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

Our mission was to interview witnesses and provide information that Franklin could use to prepare a package for the Grand Jury. Investigators conducted interviews with witnesses and individuals who had knowledge of the interdynamics of the family structure. We also obtained Complainant’s school records which were favorable for the defense position. Franklin was able to put together a package that resulted in a No Bill by the Grand Jury.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: No Bill by the Grand Jury (Criminal Charges Dropped!)

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The Stepfather Vs. Stepson Choking Investigation