The “Saved Ass” Criminal Defense Investigation

Attorney Patricia Sedita represented a Defendant in Fort Bend County, who was charged with Aggravated Assault during a robbery attempt at an individual’s apartment.

The Defendant admitted he had come by the apartment shortly after the incident to see the Complainant, his dope supplier, but was not involved in the offense. A number of the State’s witnesses had identified the Defendant at the scene, per the Police Report.

Gradoni Detectives Investigate the Incident

After Benito Segura interviewed the majority of the Hispanic witnesses it was obvious that no one could identify the Defendant as one of the two robbers. Benito also interviewed the Complainant, who was also in Jail, looking at 25 to life as a habitual criminal. He admitted he knew the Defendant by name and sight but he was not the individual who had attempted to rob him.

The Defendant sent us a Thank You card for “Saving his Ass.”

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Agg. Assault Charges Dismissed. Ass saved.

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The “Saved Ass” Criminal Defense Investigation